Natural Gas

In Italy and in the world in general, the use of natural gases is consolidating, with growing shares in the form of fuel for vehicles. This massive economic growth especially in countries like China, India, Brazil has brought with it an ever increasing demand for energy, therefore, the use of this type of fuel has become increasingly important.
In Scandinavian countries, which are extremely sensitive to the issue of ‘air pollution, it is estimated that the share of the use of natural gas for vehicles will reach 20-25% within the next 10-15 years.
Numerous Italian and foreign companies, mostly in Europe, have specialized in the construction of these types of productions plants that are reaching impressive market shares.
By recognizing this positive trend and the issues relating to the diversification of its product range, COI TECHNOLOGY has developed an important range of safety valves that are essential for the safety of these types of natural gas compression facilities.